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Thinking of getting a new furnace? Considerations:

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 You might be considering having a new furnace installed but aren’t quite sure you should take the plunge. Here are some things to think about:

What type of warranty do you get? The Goodman furnaces we sell have the best warranty in the business. There is a full one year complete warranty. If anything breaks, it’s 100% covered. If any parts fail within the first 10 years, they are replaced free of charge. If the heat exchanger fails in the LIFETIME of the unit – it’s covered. If the heat exchanger fails within the first 10 years, you get a whole new unit at no cost.

Have you had recent failures? Chances are if you have been having component issues with your current, old furnace, it’s not going to stop. Seriously weigh the cost of dumping money into an old unit when those costs could go toward a new unit with a warranty.

What efficiency is your current furnace? Even if you have a 90% furnace now, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s running at 90%. An old unit looses efficiency over time and can lose 5% or more in efficiency over time.

Now is the time to have the new furnace installed. We are coming up on spring (hopefully sooner than later). During this mild time is when you can find the best deals on furnaces or air conditioners. Heating and Cooling companies often run specials because service calls are at a minimum. Check our “specials” page for current deals. If you see a deal from another company and wish we had that deal too – give us a call. Most times, we can match competitors.