Brimmer has been providing service for Residential and Commercial/Industrial customers for over 30 years. Our dedication, knowledge, and certifications have enabled us to provide service for a variety of technical trades.

We are licensed and insured in both Wisonsin and Illinois. We routinely attend trade shows, technical courses, and update certifications and knowledge.

We pride ourselves on being the “full service” company that will help with ALL mechanical, electrical and technical needs. ᅠWe stand behind all our work with a 10 year warranty on all residential installations and an unmatched safe and courteous experience.

We are available 24 hours a day – and you will ALWAYS recieve a live person when you need help the most! Go ahead and see for yourself:

Call: 262-492-4691

We install, maintain, and service:

Heating Appliances: Furnaces, boilers, unit heaters, rooftops, Geo-thermal, heat-pumps, electric heating, and much more.

Cooling Appliances: Condensing units, evaporators, swamp coolers, chillers, absorbers, centrifugal, and more.

Green Energy: Geothermal, radiant heating, solar energy (photovoltaic systems, passive solar heat mass, solar water heating collectors), and small wind power systems.

We can even help you with your wood burning furnace/boiler project including heat load requirements, pump sizing and flow requirements, pipe size calculations and more.

Refrigeration: ᅠCommercial coolers and freezers, flash freezers, reach-in coolers and freezers, just to name a few.

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